American Trading and Production Corporation (Atapco) was originally formed in 1931 to consolidate, expand and diversify the business activities of the Blaustein family, the founders of the American Oil Company (AMOCO).

Louis Blaustein started in the oil business by delivering kerosene with his son, Jacob, from a horse-drawn tank wagon through the streets of Baltimore. In 1910, Louis and Jacob founded American Oil in a one-room office in a converted stable. The company gained national recognition for innovation, well-planned and controlled expansion and diversification. Innovations included one of the first drive-in gas stations, the first gasoline pump to show the motorist the amount of fuel received and the original antiknock gasoline that permitted the development of the high-compression engine.

The company grew and expanded at a phenomenal rate. In 1954, American Oil merged with Standard Oil of Indiana, and American Trading and Production Corporation and the Blaustein family became major stockholders. (Standard Oil of Indiana changed its name to AMOCO Corporation in 1985 and, in 1998 merged with British Petroleum to form BP Amoco, p.l.c .).

Starting nearly a century ago, Louis and Jacob Blaustein built the company's foundation on a commitment to quality, integrity, excellence and dedication to the community. These qualities are carried on today by Atapco under the leadership of its Chairman, Jacob Blaustein's grandson, Daniel B. Hirschhorn.



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Additional information on the Blaustein family can be found at the Blaustein Philanthropic Group website.



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